September 23, 2016

A Beginners Guide To Linux


As somebody thinking of using Linux for the first time there are clearly some things you need to know. This guide provides links to essential articles which will help you get started.

You will learn what Linux is, why you should use it, what Linux distributions are, how to install them, how to use the terminal, how to set up hardware and many other key skills.

Click on the heading for each item to view the full article.

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September 23, 2016 17:56

September 22, 2016

Styrelsemöte 11 oktober

DFRI håller öppet styrelsemöte tisdagen den 11 oktober 18:00 i närheten av Gärdet i Stockholm.

Vi beräknas hålla på i ungefär 1,5 timme.

Dagordning för mötet

Alla medlemmar och andra intresserade är välkomna. Anmäl dig per mejl till om du vill delta. Då får du också information om den exakta adressen och en vägbeskrivning.

av Peter den September 22, 2016 22:10

GNOME 3.22 Released: the Future is Now

GNOME 3.22 was released today, marking the culmination of 6 months work by the GNOME community. The new release introduces major new features as well as many smaller enhancements and fixes. Announcing the release, Matthias Clasen said: “This six-month effort wouldn’t have been possible without the whole GNOME community, made of contributors and friends from all around the world: developers, designers, documentation writers, usability and accessibility specialists, translators, maintainers, students, system administrators, companies, artists, testers and last, not least, users. GNOME would not exist without all of you. Thank you to everyone!”.

September 22, 2016 15:13

September 21, 2016

Beginning Grep for Linux SysAdmins

GNU grep is an amazing power tool for finding words, numbers, spaces, punctuation, and random text strings inside of files, and this introduction will get you up and running quickly.

We'll stick to GNU grep and the Bash shell, because both are the defaults on most Linux distros. You can verify that you have GNU grep, and not some other grep:

$grep -V
grep (GNU grep) 2.21
Copyright (C) 2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Basic grep

We humans tend to think in terms of the numbers, words, names, and typos

September 21, 2016 15:25

September 19, 2016

Skype Workarounds on Linux

Skype on Linux is a much debated topic that unfortunately remains largely unchanged. Skype is something that most people just have to use, but the client’s official support for Linux is pathetic to say the least. The client version is old, buggy, and only available in 32-bit. Add the fact that the API is closed-source, and we are left with no alternatives as there can be no open source implementation that will allow us to chat with our Skype friends. However, there are some workarounds that can work for Linux users depending on the particular system used and the specific needs.

Alternative Clients

The first thing that is important to note is that Linux users may use

September 19, 2016 05:12

September 16, 2016

Snowden, datasäkerhet och vårt Cryptoparty i SR Studio Ett

Idag har Oliver Stones storfilm ”Snowden” om visselblåsaren Edward Snowden premiär. Det är en film som berättar om historien och som visar på det övervakningssamhälle den amerikanska staten byggt upp.

I samband med detta gjorde SR Studio Ett ett inslag, med i studion är bland annat Amnesty och Jenny Olsson som är en av dem som arrangerar Cryptoparty Stockholm.

Här kan ni lyssna på inslaget

av Linda Sandberg den September 16, 2016 16:05

7 KDE Apps You Should Know About

Although you can start using them reasonably quickly, these KDE applications seem to cram every feature that could be possibly relevant into their windows.

KDE regularly polls as the most popular desktop environment for Linux. However, because more desktops use GNOME applications, to many users KDE might as well be a separate operating system. That is unfortunate, because some of the most feature-rich free applications are designed for KDE.

I am not referring here to utilities like the Kate text editor, the Konsole terminal, or even the Dolphin file manager. All of these are well-integrated

September 16, 2016 10:45

September 15, 2016

3 open source alternatives to PowerPoint

PowerPoint is one of those programs whose use has become so ingrained in the corporate world that it is probably running the risk of becoming completely genericized, in the same way that some people use Kleenex to refer to all tissues, or BAND-AIDs to refer to all bandages.

But presenting a slideshow doesn't have to mean using PowerPoint. There are a number of totally capable open source alternatives to PowerPoint for giving visual presentations. In many cases, the features of these “alternatives” are so compelling that, unless you're absolutely forced to use PowerPoint, I don't know why you still would.

I've got a few new presentations to give coming up in the next couple of months that are essentially

September 15, 2016 10:40

September 11, 2016

How To Build Your Own Linux Distro?

Do you want to build your own Linux distro? Don’t fancy the Linux distributions that are available? Do you think you can build a better distro? This is your lucky day. I’m gonna show you how to do that in 20 minutes.Yes, you heard me right, 20 MINUTES. Wanna find out how? Read on…

Well, you can in many ways make your very own custom distro. One way is building your own Linux distro from scratch (huh! not so easy, right?). Or you can install the Ubuntu

September 11, 2016 14:14

September 10, 2016

elementary OS Loki Released [Check Out Awesome New Features]

Fourth major release of elementary OS codenamed Loki has been released and is available to download.

elementary OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and has looks and feel inspired by Mac OS. It has got huge fan following and has often been dubbed as the most beautiful Linux distribution but I leave that to you to decide. Loki is based on the latest Ubuntu 16.04 LTS release.

The release of Loki was announced on Jupiter

September 10, 2016 12:51